Roco Explains How He Pulls The Ladies

It’s been a while, but the drunken old fool was back to remind us of what a bitter, twisted and lonely human being he still is.

Listen to how the hate spews out of him like water from a tap…


If you notice, the only people who like this guy are the ones that feel intimidated by him.

2 Thoughts to “Roco Explains How He Pulls The Ladies”

  1. RancidRoco

    Bitter, twisted, yep perfect description of Roco, just a sad lonely man, and the way he talks about white woman is a fkn disgrace, but still people kiss his arse…strange indeed.

  2. Helen

    i knew this guy was a angry person, but this is just total disrespect.
    Who does he think he is.. Guys just Nasty and full of hate.

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