Whatever We Do The Muppets Follow

These guys secretly look up to us, they must do. I can guarantee whatever we do first, they will look at it, admire it and proceed to copy it. It’s hilarious, it’s like being back at school and being the leader of the gang lol.

The latest thing is them all adding Fraudlog to their casting channels. Fraudlog is a great free visitor log that we have been using since this blog was made back in January. It’s even greater if you know how to work it and get the best from it, which these dudes obviously don’t.

Here is the icon for our Fraudlog account that you can see at the bottom of every page.

ukm with fraudlog

Ok, lets see who else is now using it.


Dicky using fraudlog


freestyleradio using fraudlog


Richard using fraudlog


ItsKrissy using fraudlog


lol, they obviously see me as the alpha male, keep following my dear little pack 🙂

One Thought to “Whatever We Do The Muppets Follow”

  1. Great Yarmouth Seagull

    Wonder if the silent one CKA Ryan will also be casting here.

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