Has Dicky Suddenly Changed His Surname?

I always thought Richard’s Surname was Swann, not Swan as he appears to have it now? Maybe i’m wrong, but, if he is Richard Swan, with a single N, why do all his family still have the surname with a double N?

Dicky's dads facebook

Dickys dads picture with john

Those are from Dicky’s family’s Facebook accounts. We have blocked their pictures and first names to save them from trolls, but as you can see, they use the same spelling.

Wouldn’t be trying to hide now Dickster would you 😉

2 Thoughts to “Has Dicky Suddenly Changed His Surname?”

  1. Rotherham FC

    We can confirm Richards Surname is Swann Mr Richard J Swann

  2. Yeah, i think he is mad that his social broadcasting career has been cut short. Don’t be mad Dicky.

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