Joe Walsh Unbanned: MichelleStacy Gutted

Well some are saying it’s Miss Scruffy’s way of getting back at the witch, unbanning Joe Walsh on Vaughn, but let’s remember, everybody gets a second chance on there, so whether it was to piss the pig off, or just simply it was time to unbanned all, i don’t know?

But one thing is for sure, it’s certainly got Stacy going 🙂

michellestacey jelly over joe walsh

The stench of jealousy is so strong, you can almost smell it

michellestacy jelly of joe walsh 2

There is a  regular pattern developing here, it tends to go like this:

MS creeps to casters > casters realise what a piece of work she is > caster want’s nothing to do with her > MS say’s they are trash > repeat.

Although, for once, she was telling the truth here;

michellestacy can stop a guy fapping

One Thought to “Joe Walsh Unbanned: MichelleStacy Gutted”

  1. Chillaxe

    Its Halloween tomorrow so be careful ye ole witch will be stirring the Cauldron.

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