The Joe Walshgate Update:

Well, since he’s been back casting on Vaughn, big bad Joe ‘unbannnnd alllll’ Walsh has certainly ruffled a few feathers, to say the least.

Now we all know this guy’s a troll, and yes, when he’s steaming drunk, can be a nasty piece of work too. But i just find it strange how so many people are outraged and calling for Vaughn to be closed down, yet when other casters do similar, there’s not a peep?

Joe Walsh is back 1

Joe Walsh is back 2

Apart from a haircut, nothing new there

But then his friend ( or is it brother?) walks past the webcam…

joe walsh and swastika

and all hell breaks loose..literally!

Ok, lets look at this again. Yes, the Swastika is upsetting and insulting to lots of people, but it’s not Joe wearing it, and more so, it’s not Mark or Scruffy.

Yet, all the anti-Vaughn brigade are screaming for Joe Walsh to be banned, and some, even want the site closed down.

But what really got me is, some people were sending that screencap to Jewish websites and other organizations, as though VaughnLive suddenly became an anti-semitic  forum and was promoting Nazi beliefs.

So ok, i agree, it’s distasteful and a warning should be given to Joe not to let his buddy wear it on cam again, job done.

But at the same time, the same should be applied to another ‘controversial’ character

Roco racist again

This guy has been openly expressing his deep hatred for white people for years, yet it doesn’t get a mention, never mind asking for Vaughn to be taken down.

So remember, ban the Swastika and ban Roco

Or simply leave both to continue!

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