NorthernMonkey Discovers Sex

Rotherham’s only Virgin, Richard, aka Northernmonkey, finally got to see what real sex looks like, over at Justcast. After months of having to stomach the 550 pound Krissy, trying to find a webcam with widescreen big enough to show her naked torso, Dicky hit the jackpot in somebody’s cast, when the porn spammer struck again.

Just look at his face, he’s fascinated by the sight of normal people shagging hehe:

Dicky watching porn on justcast

No wonder he’s got those pub blinds closed 😉

Credit To The Person who sent this in, muchas gracias.

Anon: spot the loser

2 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey Discovers Sex”

  1. DiscoDave1888

    Oh dear, it looks like the Monkey’s spanking the monkey, then again i always had him down as being a bit of a wanker.

  2. Farmer Giles

    That Awkward Moment Dicky see’s Sex for the time, his face is a classic lolz

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