What’s Wrong With Adambro’s Neck?

Was ghosting in Vaughn’s answer to Pinocchio,  Adambro21’s cast last night, enjoying his new ‘stories’, when i noticed that there was something not right with him.

‘Only just noticed’ you may well shout lol, but seriously, what is wrong with his neck? I can’t make out if it’s bruising, or he’s got Ebola?

Adambro's neck 1

Adambro's neck 2

That don’t like right?

2 Thoughts to “What’s Wrong With Adambro’s Neck?”

  1. The Doc

    Not sure whether it’s bruising or dirt, I’m sure Adam will have a detailed reason as to what it is. 🙂

  2. Ryan

    probably from autoerotic asphyxiation….

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