NorthernMonkey Is Mad With Ryderbak

As more and more people realise what a fool Richard is, the more he gets mad lol. Now, seeing as i never see anybody mention Rotherham’s playboy apart from his ‘boys’ and himself, i would say there’s a 90% chance that this is Dicky himself getting mad in Ryderbaks cast.

ryder hates northernmonkey

In all honesty, could you see Ryan, Shazhad or John really being arsed about Ryder hating Dicky? Nah!

Then other guests join in, one who obviously reads this blog lol.

northernmonkey busted for false email

But remember…everyone hates Soultrain according to Dickster 🙂

I know i shouldn’t  laugh, but this did make me giggle at the time.

ryderback trolled with isis

Just as well Simon doesn’t take the trolls to heart.

4 Thoughts to “NorthernMonkey Is Mad With Ryderbak”

  1. Helen W

    This Northern Monkey you refer to I’m sure I know him, he’s the one that makes false reports and makes up stories, and likes to snitch on people

  2. DiscoDave1888

    Helen, you forgot to mention how he likes to play the hard man and issue threats to people from the safety of his keyboard.

  3. lol i don’t remember that.
    Whats he mad with me for? last time i heard from this yorkshire pud, he was threatening to meet up with me and slice my throat lol.
    Hate is a bit of a strong word. I don’t hate anyone from the north west (apart from burnley fans ;]) positive vibes is alright, and i don’t mind ruby anymore :]

  4. lol, he used to be threatening people a lot, until he realised that we really do know where he lives. Now he just stays quiet and spends every waking hour desperately trying to get this blog shut down 🙂

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