RealmanPwns: This Is Your Life

Realman was taking us through his photo album the other day to prove to the trolls that he had been a Marine, and had been a Doorman in his younger days. So for those that missed it, here it is again.

Realman as a young boy, stood on what looks like the roof, holding the baby:

realmanpwns 6

Realman grew up to prefer holding guns, more than babies though:

realmanpwns 3

Although he soon came to his senses and realised that it was better to hold a pretty woman, than a baby or guns:

realmanpwns 4

And some not so pretty ones:

realmanpwns 5

Wasn’t just the ladies he liked to ride either:

realmanpwns 2

Not content with guns, women and motorcycles, it looks like he also tried his hand with being a waiter:

realmanpwns 1

That unfortunately brings us to an end of this weeks ‘This is Your Life’

RealmanPwns - thats all folks

this is your life

2 Thoughts to “RealmanPwns: This Is Your Life”

  1. Angie2013

    Liking the this is your life, Thanks Realman

  2. SympathiserEqualiser

    It’s sad. He seemed like a reasonably attractive, sociable character back in his day. I wonder what wrong along the way to turn him into the sedentary, grotesque slob that he is now.

    I’m betting one of his parents died and he never could quite get over it

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