Stacy Using People As Per

The wicked witch of the Internet, Stacy Michelle, has got to be one of the worst ‘human’ beings, if you can call her that, that i’ve ever come across online.

She lies, shit stirs, snitches and trolls people day in day out, so it was great to see LetsStalk dig up her murky past and post all the details about her drug dealing and fraudulant history 🙂

Even though she still tries to deny it was her, her recent actions all but confirm it to be true, and boy is she mad..real mad!

Here she is, so pissed at Shawnio, that she’s even willing to pay one of her most hated enemies hard cash in the hope that she can get LetsStalk’s dox:

stacey wanting shawnios dox 1

stacey wanting shawnios dox 2

Remember, she will ‘never’ speak to FoxmanShawn22 again, he ‘makes’ her feel ‘sick’ she claims,

Until he might have something she wants, of course 😉

She would sell her own Grandmother to get her own way… utter trash.

One Thought to “Stacy Using People As Per”

  1. The Bin man

    She is 100 % Gutter Trash, Toxic woman

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