Who’s Upset The Wicked Witch?

Oh dear, it looks like somebody’s well and truly pissed on Stacy’s parade. We all know she’s a two faced, backstabbing rat, but now she’s even turned on Miss Scruffy, claiming she’s a victim of domestic abuse.

What could be making her so mad i wonder?

Could it be;

a) LetsStalk doxed her, and also destroyed any kind of reputation she had left, with the publish of all her ‘shady’ past, shall we say 🙂

b) She was boasting about her ‘friend’ who was going to dox LetsStalk by Sunday, but as usual, failed to deliver the goods ( she claimed she was busy…lol)

c) More and more people are seeing her for what she is, resulting in the number of friends she has, dropping quicker than her saggy breasts

d) All of the above

Whatever it is, she’s pretty angry at the moment 😉

MS slags off Scruffy

MS slags of scruffy 2

Credit to the anon who posted these in the chatbox over at letsstalk.org

Ps: Watch the next time she is on Vaughn and Scruffy enters a channel, the witch will be all “hey Scruffy, how are you <3 ” as happens every time.

One Thought to “Who’s Upset The Wicked Witch?”

  1. Crispy Cod

    Someone must have snapped the witch’s broom, or stole it.
    She’s been very angry lately.

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