MichelleStacy: Hit’s An All Time Low

Just when you thought the horrible, disgusting, vile pig that is MichelleStacy couldn’t get any lower, she just has to out do herself.  All because a caster decided to enter Shawnio’s channel and dared to mention what 99% of people on Vaughn already think, that Stacy is nothing but scum.

We know she’s butthurt at being doxed by Letsstalk, and in Internet wars, name calling is all part of the game. But only this low life vermin could stoop so low as to copy a picture of the woman’s dead mother. lay in her coffin, and not only post the picture on a blog, but follow it up with this:


Michellestacy stoops to new low 1

I’ve blocked out the link out of respect. But i have the picture from that link, so the fat witch can’t deny it.

I mean, she will try and deny it won’t she? Not even the big fat pig could brag about this?

Michellestacy stoops to new low 5

Michellestacy stoops to new low 6

Michellestacy stoops to new low 7

Michellestacy stoops to new low 8

How anyone would want to associate with trash like that, i’ll never know.


One Thought to “MichelleStacy: Hit’s An All Time Low”

  1. Angie2013

    I,ve seen a fair bit of bad stuff being done and said either on vaughn etc to casters or against the mods, chatters. But to post a link that shows someones dead mother is sick and vile, just shows you how nasty some people rearly are

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