Just What Is A Stalker?

I was just going through some old screen caps from the UK Invasion days, and found a few with Dicky, butthurt as usual, claiming that we stalk younger women on VaughLive.

Ok, we know Richard is retarded, but surely, to be stalking someone, you have to be in contact with them in some context, whether it be phoning, following, threatening, or even writing to them.

So lets take a look at two examples here:

This is apparently stalking Wintard:

Click here

Then there is this:

Paula and Johnny 1 (copy)

Here is Freestyleradio1, having a little flirt with Paula, his mates wife. I’ve blocked her full name as Paula is lovely and i don’t want anyone trying to troll her.

Anyway, back to this ‘stalking’ business:

Paula and Johnny 2 (copy)

Meh, a couple of flirts never hurt anybody, except if you are Dicky, then you are a stalker lol, so with John being a lot older than Paula, that will be the end of that, no more following every post this younger girl makes eh?

Paula and Johnny 3 (copy)

Paula and Johnny 4 (copy)

Paula and Johnny 5 (copy)

Does nobody else talk to John on Facebook lol?

Is this grooming now?

Paula and Johnny 7 (copy)

Paula and Johnny 8 (copy)

This is starting to sound creepy now. This is a guy that’s old enough to be his mates wife’s dad, and he messages her like this?

Paula and Johnny 9 (copy)

Paula and Johnny 10 (copy)

So, do remind us again Dicky, which of the two would you class as ‘stalking young women on the internet’?

Oh, and how’s the police case going?

Still had no email either here or at the hosts?

Tally Ho 😉

2 Thoughts to “Just What Is A Stalker?”

  1. Now that’s Stalking, even worse it’s his mates wife.

  2. It is too creepy for comfort. Not only is she years younger than him, but it’s his mates wife, wtf? I know his marriage has gone tits up, but to constantly comment sexual innuendo’s isn’t right in this kind of situation.

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