Why A Site Without Trolls Will Never Work

All i hear these days is people moaning at Scruffy and Mark about getting rid of all the trolls off the site, blah, blah, blah! Yes, some trolls can be nasty and take things too far, like getting people sacked from work, or attacking kids/parents etc.

But i find the majority of them are just there for the banter, a bit of harmless, sarcastic piss taking basically. Like this one below, even _PBJ_ lol’d at it 🙂


PBJ Teeth

pbj 3

Come on, seriously, if you want to watch a boring, civilised, politically correct cast, go to JustCast and sit with the old Country loving folk and talk about the weather.

In the meantime, let everyone else enjoy the number 1 cam site and have a laugh.

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