A Weekend In Blackpool: Craigito1’s Birthday Bash

First off, i would like to say a belated happy birthday to Craig, who was celebrating his 33rd birthday last weekend. Craig is a diamond, a genuinely nice bloke who just loves his music and loves to party, while steering clear of any drama or arguments.

So with Bigyinscotland, Willsmac and Rach33, off they headed to sunny Blackpool for the weekend, with a mission to drink the resort dry, and party hard!

Four people who all know each other, one hotel and as much booze as you can get your hands on.

What could possibly go wrong?





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4 Thoughts to “A Weekend In Blackpool: Craigito1’s Birthday Bash”

  1. Angie2013

    Happy Belated Birthday Craig x awww i hope this got sorted out, hello to Rach Wills and Bigy.

    1. Rach33

      omg lolol cant believe this made it to blogs tut tut daz lolol j/k was a good weekend until the last night and hi to angie, daz, and rest of gang xx

      1. Hi hun x it looked fun till the beer took over lol. Hope you and Wills and everyone are ok? x

        1. rach

          yeah were great thanks. looking forward to our first christmas together 🙂

          it was a good weekend until that point it creeped out seriously but hey shit happens glad your ok

          merry christmas and happy new year all the best for 2015 to all the old crew xx

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