Freestyleradio1- Only 6 months In A Year

What is it with these guy’s and not being able to use a calendar? It looks like John is as useless with dates as NorthernMonkey. He kept insisting that it was Shez’ first cast in over a year, which of course, would be impossible as this blog only opened in the 10th January.

So after a quick scan through the blog, the last video we recorded of Shez on Vaughlive dates to the 19th June:

Freestyleradio1 uses the Dicky Calendar

Hmm, strange, as remember Shez’ cast that Ben just took over and wiped Shez off, leading to the hilarious Shezzy meltdown:

See here

Like i said, these dudes are the gift that keeps on giving, welcome back guys 🙂

2 Thoughts to “Freestyleradio1- Only 6 months In A Year”

  1. the tooth fairy

    No wonder the years are flying by. There was 12 months in a year I was told as a child, but not Dicky and Freestyle think a year only has 6 months in it. If I didn’t age twice in 12 months like this I would only just be old enough to go on vaughn with their age limits

  2. The Dover Seagull

    It’s not been over a year since Shez did a cast, now the leader of the pack is back wonder if the others will also entertain us ?

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