MichelleStacy: We Are Comfortable

You know how she talks so much shit, she forgets what story she made up the day before? Well, the witch of the Internet was at it again yesterday, surprise surprise.

She’s always telling everyone and anyone who will listen, about how her ‘husband’ has 3 businesses and that they are not rich, but comfortably well off financially etc etc…

Yet you never see her with anything remotely looking like it’s expensive. There are no designer clothes, no big bling hanging from her ears or neck, no actual sighting’s of any hard cash, and she never opens those god damn blinds!

So let’s see how she paid for her daughters college fees, now she’s been there 2 years..


MS  owes 22k

Oops, so they owe 22k already! Is this the same daughter that only visits once a year?

Looks like you better start a GoFundMe account Stacy, and just hope those 3 friends you have really do like you 😉

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