Shez Has Had Enough Of Ryan’s Obsession With Beastiallity

Ever since the break up of his relationship with the very young Toni, he seems to have resorted to fantasising about sex with dogs all the time.

As perverted as this is, the Muppets have tolerated it so far as their hatred for me has completely over ridden any rational thoughts.

But no more! Ryan was warned as soon as he entered not to start with his filth, but we all know Ryan, perverted, lonely and retarded, so what does he go and do….


ryan in shezzy's

It’s noticeable how little Shez trusts him these days, John, Tom, Dicky have all been made Mods, while the poor little freak is seen as nothing more than a viewer 🙂

One Thought to “Shez Has Had Enough Of Ryan’s Obsession With Beastiallity”

  1. Piano Master

    That Ryan Dude is one very disturbed bloke.
    Poor Shez Jackson trying to keep his cast clean and drama free and CKA Ryan starts with his warped comments.

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