The Woodshed Coming Back?

There was lots of speculation about why the JTVWoodshed was closed down, loads of people saying that it was a mistake on Google’s part and it would be back soon. One thing with Blogger is, they don’t suspend as such, they either force a disclaimer for people to click on before accessing the blog, or they shut you down for good.

woodshed coming back

This is exactly why we left Google and moved to our own domain and hosting. Blogspot is great, if you don’t have little cry babies like NorthernMonkey or Shez Jackson, constantly whining that you posted their cast or something.

If you think you might have some tissue dabbers due to your content, the only way to survive is buy your own domain, find offshore hosting, and do daily back ups just in case.

As you’ll know, we moved from Blogspot to a hosting company in Amsterdam, but even they fell for little Dicky’s fake Police crime reference number and closed us down. But we back up daily, so within hours, we were back up on this new server, no posts lost, and the freedom to do whatever we like 🙂

So if you guy’s are coming back, i strongly suggest you go offshore, then the tissue dabbers can cry all they want, nobody will pay them attention.

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