Adambro21 And His ‘Girlfriend’

The self acclaimed ladies man, daytime DJ and all round superstar, graced us with his presence after being away from Vaughn for the last few weeks, and boy, have i missed the giggles he provides.

This time, he was casting from his ‘girlfriends’ house, saying that he was visiting her, even though he later claimed she lived with him now? So yeah, Adam was back 🙂

There was so many lulz that i had to literally chop as much as i could, and try and squeeze it into one video.

Enjoy, as he claims that anyone who masturbates to a woman they find beautiful, is a retard. Also watch as he explains that kissing your girlfriend straight after she’s just give you oral sex, is ‘normal’

But the one thing that blows all this girlfriend story in to the air, is the unavoidable sub-concious reaction to the person telling lies, the nose rub, the most common natural reaction to telling a lie, yet one we don’t even realise we are doing.

Watch his first body reaction when he looks at his ‘girlfriend’ after claiming they have sex 4-5 times a day, and she woke him up with a blowjob.


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