Cyberman: The Effects Of So Much Sleep

Every time i go to Cyberman’s channel, he’s always sleeping, no matter what time of day or night it is.

Cyberman sleeping pt 2

Cyberman sleeping pt 3

Cyberman sleeping pt 4

Not really Lifecasting is it, more hibernation casting.

Although rumour has it, the original king of lifecast’s, isn’t a happy bunny now he has a competitor (if you can call him that)

Cyberman - Frank taylor war

Now, you all might think it’s a great life, lying in bed all the time, sleeping the Winter away.

But it does have it’s disadvantages, as a guest spotted earlier.

Cyberman flat head 1 5

Cyberman flat head 2

So there it is, too much lying on your back does make your head flat.

MichelleStacy, remember that ;-

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