IamSonChild: I Am Ready To Face Death

Don’t panic, i’m sure she’s not going anywhere. Remember, it was only the other week that she said she had caught an STD from her husband, even though they haven’t had sex since 2002.

Her latest fear, is, she has cancer, and is ready for it to take her to her Lord, next week!


Iamsonchild with red wig

Hence, the err, lovely wig she’s bought. Well, suppose it’s always good to be organised 🙂

Iamsonchild with red wig2

Aaww, i started to feel really bad for her after reading that. I mean, her husband is no George Clooney lol

IamSonChild and Hubby 2

Iamsonchild with red wig3

Iamsonchild with red wig4

Poor SonChild, trapped in a loveless marriage 🙁

Iamsonchild with red wig5

Iamsonchild with red wig6

Huh, 4 years, i thought she said her date with the Grim Reaper was next week?

She’s not trolling us again is she?

Iamsonchild with red wig7

To be fair, he has a point!

Iamsonchild with red wig8

Iamsonchild with red wig9

So last week, an STD, this week cancer, i dread to think what next weeks health issue will be.


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