IamSonChild Bans LetsStalk

I know she’s not right in the head, but this still made me chuckle.

When you are using Blogger and you are updating or doing maintenance, anyone who isn’t Admin or a Mod, will see this message.


Letsstalk blog

So SonChild has obviously gone to read the blog, come across that message, and is now thinking she has been banned lol.

Iamsonschild attacks Shawnio

Iamsonchild bans letsstalk

And then she falls for the old ‘Letsstalk’s blog will give you a virus’ nonsense.

Iamsonchild blames letsstalk

If you are still worried about it giving your PC a virus, then simply put his blogs IP into any IP tracer on Google, and you will see that it’s hosted on Google’s Blogger platform, so it can’t have any virus’

But hey, this is IamSonChild, not the brightest bulb in the world 🙂

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