Shez Jackson Moves To Ivlog

Having realised that everybody on Vaughn got bored of the same thing week in, week out, Shez took his ‘experience’ and his Mods over to Ivlog, in the hope that he will feel loved and important again.

Nothing wrong with that, although he could of had a bit more respect to Vaughn in his move.


Shez plugs ivlog on vaughn

So off he went, with Dicky, Tom and John (using UK_Invasion name) to what is commonly known as the naughty corner, the website where people end up after being banned from VaughnLive.

Two things i noticed.

1 – The video is so much smaller after being used to Vaughn, although this is good for Bloggers, as you can fit the video and chat in the same capture and both still clear.

2 –  The viewer count works in a totally different way to all other casting sites. The number of viewers in the actual room, is completely different to what it will say on the homepage. But this was explained to us by Ryan HiFi, so it sort of makes sense now.

Apart from that, Shezzer was still in his sensible caster role, John was still the dyslexic ass kisser and Ryan has still not been back with them since i shown that he is now a UK Invasion outcast.

But hey, he doesn’t read the blog remember, so must be just a pure coincidence eh?


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