Never A Truer Word Spoken

VaughnLive’s very own battle-axe Veronika is not everybody’s cup of tea, in fact, she can be quite annoying at times, but last night she gave her thoughts on the internet witch that is MichelleStacy and for me, was spot on.

It all started when CockneyDonna entered her cast, to which she was greeted with having her mods taken away.

Why? Well apparently Donna gave MS Mods when she was last casting. I don’t agree with what Vera did here, because everybody has a right to like whoever they want. It reminded me of the UK Invasion days, where they would ban anybody who spoke to me lol.

Anyway, Vera, as usual, didn’t hold back with that tongue of hers…


But Veronika, don’t you know MichelleStacy is so popular, she gets 8,000 viewers in her casts?

One Thought to “Never A Truer Word Spoken”

  1. Angie2013

    Thats what i like about Veronika she says it how it is. she aint false, if she has something to say or do she will 🙂

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