Is Poor Ryan No Longer Wanted?

After Shez’ most recent cast, i don’t think it could of been made more clear, that the beastiallity obsessed pervert from the White Cliffs is no longer seen as one of the ‘gang’

All the other original crew have been made Mods in Shez’ channel, yet week after week, poor pervy boy gets left on the sidelines.


shez mods mj

Just to make it as clear as a blue sky, he Mods up MJisKingofDance the second he enters, while the lonely one looks in from below.

shez mods mj1

shez mods mj2

Hey, it’s bad when even Dicky is trusted more than you lol.

I guess sharing your thoughts of sex with dogs wasn’t such a great idea now eh Ryan?

Tally ho 🙂

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