Paranoid? Who Said That?

Well, after what began as a pretty mundane cast from Shezzer, it all came to life when somebody signed in as BooFan. Just the name was enough to send Freestyleradio1’s paranoia into overdrive lol.

This guy’s so paranoid of everybody, his head must be spinning every minute of the day, wondering who he can trust and who he cant. First it was Funk That that had his ass twitching, now it’s me it seems 🙂


Freestyle being a dick3

All the guy said was something like ” is Shez miming” then boom, John’s on a para trip and Tom’s not far behind haha

Freestyle being a dick4

Credit where it’s due, Shez was actually being reasonable last night, he saw what BooFan posted and ordered his Mods to stop the banning.

Freestyle being a dick5

Before he realised they had unbanned him, BooFan came back in and explained what he/she said. Nothing wrong there as you can see.

Meanwhile, paranoid Peter there, still convinced it’s me and that i have changed my VPN server. Watching this loser collapse mentally is tremendous 🙂

Freestyle being a dick6

Hahaha, here they go again. You’ve all just seen what Snorepatrole ( BooFan) wrote right? Yet the twitching arses of Tom and Dicky still banned them lol. Like i said, Shez was sensible all evening, so they got unbanned, but for us ‘curtain twitchers’ this was becoming hilarious.

Freestyle being a dick7

Freestyle being a dick8

Freestyle being a dick9

Not so much a misunderstanding, more a case of we have them nervous as f*ck and it’s great to watch 🙂

Then just make the night complete, fatso came out with this corker lol

Freestyle being a dick10

Of course you don’t, we believe you. honest 😉

One Thought to “Paranoid? Who Said That?”

  1. The Codfather

    Was watching as a guest and could not under stand why his mods kept randomly banning, even though $hez Jackson asked them not to. $hez unbans then another rebans.
    Think your mods are power Happy $hez

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