JustCast Goes Live

It looks like the curse of the NorthernMonkey has finally caught up with JustCast. It’s not just having database problems as usual, it appears to have vanished altogether?


Justcast gone? 1

Justcast gone? 2

Having registered the site in his wife’s name, but their own address (silly boy) i wouldn’t be surprised if they got whacked with a DMCA notice.

Or the cash funds finally ran out?

Ivlog next?


The site is back up, it appears the downtime was them adding a new domain, although why you would have to have downtime to do that i don’t know, unless they have moved servers.

So now they are known as justcastlive.tv:

Justcast gone? 2

Ok great, so lets go to the new domain.

Justcast gone? 3

lol, new domain, same shit.

At least the dude has put the site in his own name this time 😉

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