Asking For Donations: Right Or Wrong?

Ok, when is it right to ask for peoples money, and when is it wrong? For me personally, unless somebody is short of food, electric or heating, then it’s just outright greed.

There is of course one other exception, and that’s when it comes to a person/child/animals health, or burial/cremation.

Here’s my view on this:


Raunchfoxxx gofund me

Having seen somebody get buried, who had no money at all, not even enough for a headstone, this is one kind of donation that i would back all day long. I didn’t even get on with the guy who died, but when you see just a lump of soil, stuck between dozens of headstones, it makes you feel really bad for the family and friends.

I know they want Raunchfoxxx cremated, but still, even without a headstone etc, the costs will still be staggering.


chillin in miami begging

This, to me, is just nothing more than greed. Somebody who just wants you to give him your cash to spend on whatever he likes.

Didn’t this guy used to be a cop? If so, then he wont be poor by any means.

Another thing that annoy’s me with casters e-begging, is they always claim it’s ‘for all their hard work’

So switching on your pc, Xsplit and Spotify or something similar is really hard work?

Or costs you money?

Let people spend their hard earned money on somebody or something that is worthy and needy, and quit the scamming!

Just saying 🙂

ps: You can donate to the Raunchfoxxx memorial by clicking the link below.

2 Thoughts to “Asking For Donations: Right Or Wrong?”

  1. Angie2013

    If its a genuine reason like this of Raunchfoxx then i feel it is for a real reason.
    Funeral costs are very Expensive.
    But just asking for money because you do a cast, its not something i would give to.

  2. Ryan

    I’ve said this 1000 times and I’ll say it again here. It’s not anyone else’s right to EVER judge what someone else is doing, PERIOD. If someone wants donations and doesn’t need them, that’s their issue not ours. We can’t choose where to direct the money given by others. We’d like to think we could, we think we know better. But it’s not up to us…

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