Foxmanshawn22 Is On The Move (again)

For what must be the fifth or sixth time, the saviour of Vaughn, the King of Social Broadcasting, and the walking talking G-spot for the ladies, Foxmaaaaaann Shaaawwn got the boot, only this time for good.

I missed the particular cast, so can’t really comment on whether it was justified or not, but being the broadcasting Messiah that he is, he took his cast and followers over to JustCastLive:


Foxmanshawn on justcast

Foxmanshawn on justcast1

Foxmanshawn on justcast2

I like the Foxman. I know he can go a bit too far when he’s drunk, but for the same reason i like RealmanPwns, what you see is what you get.

There are no airs and graces with them, they tell it as they see it and don’t care who you are.

Whether he will be back on Vaughn, only Mark and Scruffy know, but one thing is certain, wherever he is, he always brings with him a lot of viewers and traffic.

2 Thoughts to “Foxmanshawn22 Is On The Move (again)”

  1. Angie2013

    I think where ever Foxman go’s his followers and viewers will go, as you say with foxman what you see is what you get, tells you how it is, straight talking guy who doesnt come across all false. as for his ban on vaughn cant see it lasting he is popular on there.

  2. notfoxx

    fox is a piece of shit, period, i am happy he’s gone.

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