Proof That Ivlog’s Viewer Count Is False

Remember this post about how the viewer count on Ivlog was strange, as the amount of viewers it says on the homepage, is usually a lot lower than what it has it as on the actual channel.

Ryan explained that this was because it counts people watching on the home page, and adds it together.

Well this throws that theory right out of the window.

Note the viewer count at the left hand bottom of FoxmanShawn’s cast

foxman viewers

foxman viewers1

foxman viewers2

The view count for his cast hit 504 at one point, then dropped to 70. Now some people are saying it was somebody having multiple tabs open, but;

a) Doesn’t Ivlog stop you opening multiple tabs?

b) Just how quick can somebody close 400+ tabs?

Watch the video below, and keep an eye on the chat, especially when a guest say’s he’s going to drop the viewer count. Then watch the viewer count drop at an alarming rate lol


Now either there is a bot being used, or somebody has got a really fast computer, and even quicker fingers.

The figure that you see under the casters avatar on the home page is the real amount of viewers a channel has, as that can’t be affected by any bots.

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

2 Thoughts to “Proof That Ivlog’s Viewer Count Is False”

  1. Ryan

    The theory is true – that’s how Ivlog’s count works. It counts people watching the room and those on the front page if you’re featured. The reason the number was so high for Shawn’s cast is because multiple people were opening up many many tabs on their browsers….

  2. Angie2013

    Ummmmm Interesting. does need explaining that though.

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