Joe Walsh Trolls JustCast And Makes Them Cry

I think it’s fair to say, that JustCastLive isn’t the most professional run casting site, to put it mildly.

I mean, anyone who hires Dicky as a Tech Mod obviously has a screw loose. But not only are they technically illiterate, they are sensitive souls too.


All credit goes to GuestSpokesman for the videos. 



There you have it, tears, tantrums and rage quit , all in one video. But seemingly wanting more, Steve calls up Joe for round two 🙂


Did Steve say he was losing money, then change it to he wasn’t losing anything on the site?

With the majority of people using some form of Adblock these days, and the small amount of viewers that JustCast gets, he must be losing his shareholders and himself loads of cash.

Original videos can be found at


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2 Thoughts to “Joe Walsh Trolls JustCast And Makes Them Cry”

  1. Ryan

    It’s 2015 – someone needs to explain to JoeWalsh that being an obnoxious bully doesn’t fly anymore. This isn’t the 80s or the 70s anymore. He’s very childish and immature, like a whiny 4 year old brat who has his candy taken away. Let him wear his Sons of Anarchy overpriced leather memorabilia jacket and pretend he’s a badass in the Hell’s Angels. We all know he’s nothing. Only someone who is nothing would constantly be telling everyone else that they are losers…

  2. Ryan

    By the way – I need to be another rumor to rest. The rumor that using adblock somehow stops a site from getting your ad revenue. It doesn’t, it just stops the ad from reaching your end. You still register as a ‘site hit’ or ‘click’, and the site still gets paid whether or not you’re seeing the ad….

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