Shez Loses His Banner

Since he moved his cast over to Ivlog, Vaughn have now removed his banner from the billboard on the home page and for some reason, Shez finds this confusing.



To be fair, Menellie has been doing the same thing too.

Menellie advertises Ivlog on Vaughn

menellie plugging ivlog on vaughn

Which to me, is just disrespectful to Vaughn. Yes, of course you can switch from site to site, even dual casting like Hank does.

But what Hank and a lot of others don’t do, is promote other sites on their screens.

You try and run ‘i am now casting at VaughnLive’ across your screen on Ivlog, Streamup, Justcast etc, and you will be very lucky if you still have your account by the morning.

What Shez and Nellie are basically doing, is using Vaughn’s servers to promote a rival, albeit smaller company, and to try and get Vaughn’s viewers to move over to Ivlog.

Why on earth should Mark pay for servers, to help you try and build up a rival?

On another note, at least The3bairs found Shez amusing.

3Bairs on Shez

Also the dyslexic hypocrite, or Freestyleradio1 as some call him, came out with this belter.

John moaning about people reporting

Yeah, those pesky childish people that send in reports:

John moaning about people reporting1

Those bloody childish UK Invasion guys eh!

3 Thoughts to “Shez Loses His Banner”

  1. Angie2013

    I can see a few casters losing there banners. Reckon Menellie may be next for the chop.

  2. Ryan

    Shez is in the wrong here and acting like an idiot. He puts on a good show but you can’t put a link to your ivlog show in the title above your video and expect nothing to happen. Also look at this, all he does is post the link to your show on ivlog when you go to vaughn…

    Here’s a screenshot proving it

    1. Ryan

      sorry I meant HIS show when HE goes to vaughn…

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