The Dog Whisperer – Live On Vaughn

Those of you reading this and expecting to discover Cesar Millan on your screens, are going to be disappointed, for our dog whisperer is female and looks nothing like a Mexican.

She does however, look after and groom man’s best friend, and you get to watch it for free, no National Geographic channel required this time.


dog whisperer

dog whisperer1

4 Thoughts to “The Dog Whisperer – Live On Vaughn”

  1. Ryan

    That’s Vloggerdog, she’s been on Vaughnlive for a long time…

    1. Vloggerdog

      yep, Ryan is right! Going to try to do more of that, and also do some Q&A stuff…thanks Karl! Keep up the great work here!

  2. Angie2013

    Never thought i’d see a dog groomer doing a cast, hope to see a future cast

    1. Vloggerdog

      I’ll be doing a cast Thursday morning at 10am CST!

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