Iamsonchild: My Hubby Beats Me

Now we all know that Iamsonchild has a somewhat vivid imagination, so i wouldn’t like to say 100% that these allegations are true, or false, only two people know that.

But here’s what Iamsonchild had to say about her ‘marriage’


iamsonchild - don't fancy husband2

iamsonchild - don't fancy husband3

iamsonchild - don't fancy husband4

By this point, you start to really think that she is in a loveless marriage, and maybe she is a victim of bullying and domestic violence.

Then she says this:

iamsonchild - don't fancy husband5

Then you realise, it’s sonchild…

iamsonchild - don't fancy husband6

She’s a harmless soul, and i genuinely hope that she isn’t suffering the things she states, but whenever i have watched them both on cam, it’s not exactly the atmosphere of a Mills and Boon novel, but it’s never been aggressive either.

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One Thought to “Iamsonchild: My Hubby Beats Me”

  1. Angie2013

    As you say theres only two people who rearly know whats happning in the relationship, but if there is any violence then its time to get this sorted, Domestic violence is not something anyone should have to go through.

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