How To Make Some K*nt Chicken

You can’t beat a nice bit of tender chicken, with some added spices and herbs, to ease your hunger after a hard day. So when Jimbo told RealmanPwns that he had a recipe for some chicken, straight for the pen and paper we went.


I couldn’t hear what the name of it was because of all the shouting, but k*nt was used a lot, so i assume it’s called that.

Don’t forget, if you want to try this at home, the ingredients needed are as follows:

Chicken Breast:

RealmanPwns Thigh Cheese:


A handful of NeyNey’s:

And cook for 35- 45 minutes at approximately 200 Celsius for your very own home made K*nt Chicken.

PS: Listen carefully from around the 24 second mark for Jimbo’s blunder lol.

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