MichelleStacy: We Got Rid Of Shawnio

It’s not just Freestyleradio1, we have another fool who lives in cuckoo land.

I remember a year or so ago, MS was virtually begging Shawnio for forgiveness, claiming that she only had a problem with him because she was defending her ‘friends’ who he was allegedly attacking. From what i can remember, it was something to do with Boston Chickie, but anyway, she was all like ” i have nothing against you personally” and all that crap.

Now she’s found some new buddies over at Scuttlebutts, she’s suddenly become this big time troll and is up to her usual fantasy filled claims:

MS the grass1

What’s all this ‘we’

And run him of Vaughn eh…

shawnio back casting

In my opinion, Scuttles lost all respect when he let this evil witch on board.

Just saying.

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5 Thoughts to “MichelleStacy: We Got Rid Of Shawnio”

  1. Ryan

    This crazy woman is going around telling lies from 2 years ago. Back in about 2012 or so, there was a troll by the name of MontanaSprings on vaughnlive. He would come into many rooms just being insulting and picking on everyone. One day he decided to attack the physically disabled, and my girlfriend who happens to be disabled. He would not stop, bans did not work, nothing worked. I finally had enough and threatened to cut his throat if he did not leave us alone. Well, MichelleStacy screencapped it and sent it in, I was banned for about 8 days. When I returned, I found she was going around saying I had threatened HER or her friend BostonChickie. Anything these women can do to get false sympathy, they will do. Scuttlebutt can have her, we don’t want her anywhere around….better for her to be taking up his time.

  2. Angie2013

    Why would anyone believe a thing this women says. ?

  3. MichelleStacy is a nasty piece of work, Jackielee has had her as a head mod in her room, yep as predicted she turned on Jackielee big time. JackieLee is at a loss and doesn’t understand what she did to offend her, the fact is it’s always been they way of the nasty witch, befriend them, get them to trust her, then ditch them, then bad mouth them.

  4. Shawnio watch

    Erm… Shawnio, is back! (update)

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