The UK Invasion Missed Me

With the site being up and down the last few days, i’ve not really been lurking as much, and definitely not been posting (obviously) , but within 10 seconds of having a quick nosey on Dicky’s cast, the boys shown how much they love me hehe.


ryan hifi in uk invasion

Dicky doesn’t want Darren mentioned on his cast, can’t think why?

ryan hifi in uk invasion1

Poor Ryan. I can see him heading for those local cliffs when he realises that i’m still alive.

But what is Dickster saying “he has stopped”

Huh? The server gets attacked for a few days, and we have have stopped?

Come on buddy, you should know me better than that 🙂

ryan hifi in uk invasion2

Notice how the “i don’t care about paying to cast” idea soon disappeared.

But i always say, even if you just catch 10 minutes of their casts, there will always be a comment from one of them that makes you literally LOL

ryan hifi in uk invasion3

Holy fookin Christ. This idiot really has lost all sense of reality.

This is a guy that let somebody take his cd’s at a party he was dj’ing at one night. This is also the same guy that got hounded out of a pub he was dj’ing at by a few local chavs.

But yeah, don’t cross him…

Because you will find it fucking hilarious!

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

9 Thoughts to “The UK Invasion Missed Me”

  1. Ryan

    The comments of mine were a test to bait you into making a post, looks like it worked 🙂

  2. Angie2013

    Now Now Ryan, 😉

  3. DiscoDave1888

    Aye right Ryan, pmsl here, Daz is so inside your head you just can’t help yourself, but Ryan you should really try to avoid using the D word when one of the girls are casting as this can cause great distress to the girls from the UK Invasion.

    1. Ryan

      You must be thinking I’m the CKRyan guy who was part of the UKInvasion….I’m RyanHifi, a Canadian who is not affiliated with them but wanted to bait a post on here because I was bored of no posts in 4 days…

  4. Ryan

    I should clarify – I’m RyanHiFi not that CKRyan from the UK guy….

    I made 1st comment on this page…

  5. DiscoDave1888

    No need to clarify Ryan, i’m well aware of who you are sir, heaven forbid if i ever mistake someone for CKRyan, that would be the ultimate insult.

  6. Rach33

    well ryanhifi i have to say your just as bigger prick/knob jockey as the other ryan so take ya guinea pig and go have a play and maybe you will find out what real men do 😉

  7. Ive never ever heard of UKInvasion. When did this group occur?

  8. I have never ever heard of UKInvasion. When did this group form? Who is in this group on ivlog?

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