Sorry For The Downtime

If you’ve been trying to access the site for the last few days, you will of been as frustrated as i have. The hosts were having some severe problems, and although it has been settled today, i think it’s time to go dedicated, instead of shared hosting.

These hosts are great guys, they don’t bother you about content, you can even host Warez, but the only problem with that is, you get a lot of big companies pissed at you, so attacks are constant and relentless.

So i’ve decided, it’s time to get a fully dedicated server, where record labels etc aren’t trying to take the server down.

Ive bought a server already, it’s just a matter of installing an OS and everything from scratch, then move the site over. So will be busy the next couple of days, but i will try and keep up with all the gossip and drama going on, as much as i can.

Once again, apologies for the last few days, and thanks for staying with us.


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  1. Angie2013

    🙂 Thanks for the update

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