Mr’s Pump Speaks

Momma Fox aka Mr’s Pump gave us a quick cast yesterday, while Shawn was off to collect some booze  money from the popular ex lodger, Indian Johnny.

She talks about how much Shawn loves Vaughn, and all his viewers ( despite his drunken rants lol) and how people that hate the Foxman, shouldn’t bother watching his casts.

A wise lady, who talks a lot of sense.

* Ignore Ryderbak being on screen at the beginning. All the monitors and pc’s work off one mouse and keyboard, so getting use to which channel is which, is going to take a bit of practice 🙂



So Mr’s Pump casts in her own room eh 😉 You just know that she’s probably one of the biggest guest trolls in Foxman’s cast, just for the lulz..

I always like to give credit where it’s due, and everybody, even the guests were well behaved with Momma Fox, no trolling, no filthy language and no hate. Well done.

One Thought to “Mr’s Pump Speaks”

  1. angie2013

    at least you admit to little mistakes here and there 😉 practice makes perfect, the bit where is sis crawled in like when your trying to sneak up on someone, but looks directly at the camera he had on with funny, shawns mums speaks highly of him, espically the bit where she told Joe walsh what he was. Mr’s Pump knows who to trust

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