SexyChris And Dirty Julie Are Back

Talk about a blast from the past, it was like going back in time a year or two. SexyChris on his bed, drinking and smiling, Dirty_Julie there to keep him company, and Chris trying to have his wicked way with her…

dirty julie is back

I know Julie is like Marmite, you either love her or hate her, but I’ve not seen Chris smile so much for a long time.

Although it didn’t take long for the haters to mock the poor bloke:

Monkeysniffer attacks sexychris

Some people just can’t be nice about anybody, regardless of how harmless they are!

But we love you Chris…keep smiling buddy.

One Thought to “SexyChris And Dirty Julie Are Back”

  1. Angie2013

    Chris is harmless, just wants to be friends with people. Good to see you happy chris

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