CockneyDonna: The UK MichelleStacy?

Apart from hair colour and accents, they are like a mirror of each other:


Rizzo can change like the wind, but to be fair to him, he’s always had Chris’ back so far. He could see what Donna was trying to do and tried to let Chris know.

But the thing with Chris is, he only see’s the good in people. He couldn’t see that she was trying to take control of who he talks to, who he bans, and who he mods.

Chris kept telling her that Nathan was deleted from his Skype, and even mentioned later on that he didn’t really want to add him back. Chris has many friends who look out for him on Vaughn, but Donna and Maddy aren’t two of them.




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2 Thoughts to “CockneyDonna: The UK MichelleStacy?”

  1. Ryan

    She is an awful person and PRIDES herself on it. She purposely attacks casters whenever she can lure them into taking a skype call with her. Just an evil, evil lady. Michelle however is WORSE because of the constant lies and mistruths.

  2. Angie2013

    Chris is just to trusting, and theres some nasty people out there who use this against him. Should just leave him alone and let him cast his way.

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