Rizzo Turns On SexyChrisWhile

Well it looks like i spoke too soon yesterday. For god knows what reason, the bipolar, psychotic,  roger dee-ing, cup of tee-ing cherry pie flinging night time dj just decided to turn on one of his friends, again.

I had a few casts open, including Chris’ and Rizzo’s, and nobody in Chris’ channel even mentioned Jimbo. Then all of a sudden, JR tells his room that he’s going to upset somebody by telling some home truths.

As well as Chris and JR’s cast, i was also watching that creepy weirdo Thundersnarf, who at the time, was ripping the piss out of Rizzo.

So was surprised when this happened:

Rizzo spams Chris

Although, i shouldn’t have been. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rizzo suffers from severe paranoia.

He’s done the same with Mr Meee-Nellie (as he calls him) Ryderbak, SirenSea, Pablo, Raveman, Leej_photographer, Joe Walsh, Dollparts and many more.

He befriends casters, then out of the blue, gets these thoughts in his head that they are talking about him behind his back, and goes all mental on them.

He’s seriously going to run out of friends on Vaughn very soon, because while the likes of Ryderbak and Joe Walsh thrive off the abuse, most others won’t put up with not knowing which Rizzo they are going to talk to each day.

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2 Thoughts to “Rizzo Turns On SexyChrisWhile”

  1. Big deal. Chris is a drunk. He will never have a positive life the way he is living. As for Rizzo he has his opinions. Hes fine I guess. I not bothered. Good riddens to Vaughnlive. Not missed it for 2 days and I doubt anyone missed me or left me comments. Really dont give a shit about vaughners now. I have a new life back to television and soaps.

  2. Hi Anita,

    You should come back.There is quite a few of us that miss you. Hopefully you will return one day, maybe just need a break.

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