Imonicaonline: What Are You Doing?

This is a girl who’s pretty, intelligent, polite, and still a virgin. So why oh why is she resorting to selling her body online?

Ok, it’s only a webcam site, but when you are going nude, and performing sex acts for money, it’s still selling yourself.

Now i’m not judging girls that do that kind of thing. If you are streetwise enough to know how to handle yourself, and you don’t mind everybody seeing your ‘bits’ then it’s a win win situation. The woman makes money, the blokes get what they pay for.

But this stuff isn’t for Monica. You only have to listen to her on the next video, to see she doesn’t want to do that shit:


Notice how she had to drink some beer, before she continued to strip? I fear for her if she doesn’t come to her senses soon.

Once the older perv’s realise how ‘innocent’ she is, they are going to try and turn her head with promises of loads of cash, holidays etc.

Somebody already mentioned about her leaving herself open to blackmail in the future.

She has brains, lets just hope she uses them before she gets out of her depth.



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