JimmyRizzo Turns All Bipolar On Raveman

This guy has some serious mental issues, one minute he’s nice as cherry pie, the next he turns in to Don Corleone.


He makes me lulz 🙂



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5 Thoughts to “JimmyRizzo Turns All Bipolar On Raveman”

  1. Angie2013

    Think this nice weather getting to people, you got people trying to tell casters how to run there cast, now others casters picking on people who hardly say a word. Trolls arguing with Trolls, Mods arguing With Mods.
    No wonder people need a drink 🙂

  2. Ryan

    JimmyRizzo likes to antagonize others for views. He will also believe any old thing he’s told by other trolls, such as what he accuses Raveman of being interested in. It’s all fabrication. He is not a nice man. I wonder if he goes out in public and says ‘aye aye cherry pie’ to people when buying smokes at the corner shop…

  3. DamageInc

    I can’t say Raveman is a paedo but it seems suspicious how he didn’t deny it. I know He is a perv from his Blogtv days, he used to ask Women on skype what colour their underwear is. There is also screenshots somewhere of him getting his cock out on Cam4..

  4. Aethelric of Bernicia

    Nah, Jimmy Rizzo is known to have groomed underage girls on blogtv and vaughnlive and underage boys for that matter, ‘Dapz’ being one of his victims. Denying Raveman is a paedophile is like denying Thatcher and Savile having shafted minors.

  5. Aethelric of Bernicia

    Edit: Raveman, obviously not Jimmy.

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