My Teeth Are Better Than Yours!

First everybody was a retard, then they were all Paedophile’s, and now the latest insult craze, is to compare how white ( or not’s so white) and what condition, a persons teeth are in.

It originally started with the Foxman and Joe Walsh, but has now been used to insult just about every caster on Vaughn lol.

From Foxman to Filly and CherryBreeze to ChrisWhile, the teefus trolls have been out in force. Even Ryderbak was at it last night.


So remember folks, the next time you want to insult somebody, it’s all about the ‘i’ve got better teefus than you’ ting 🙂

PS: If you think you have bad teeth, just take a step back and think of this poor dude 🙂


dickys big teeth (copy)

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

One Thought to “My Teeth Are Better Than Yours!”

  1. White Fangs

    Dammmm those Teeth look like an Otters

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