When All Your Day Is Spent Hating!

Some people really need to take a good look at themselves. We are all individuals and yes, we all like/dislike different people, nothing wrong with that.

Neither is it wrong to criticize people on the way they behave. That’s all part of life.

But to want to cause hassle and poverty to somebody, who, as far as i’m aware, has never done anything bad to you, is not opinions or criticism, it’s just pure¬†hate!

Scutts wants to grass SexyChris

Scutts wants to grass SexyChris1

I don’t who was saying that, as you can see, they were anon’s, but seriously…you are desperately hoping that a harmless guy on the Internet, admits he bought the booze to have fun with, so you can record it and try and get his benefit’s stopped?

Dear oh dear…

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2 Thoughts to “When All Your Day Is Spent Hating!”

  1. Ryan

    That is scuttlebutt himself. You see he goes under an anon name whenever he has to say something that might make him look bad. This way he has deniability, he can say “oh that wasn’t me”. There is also one timestamp per IP, so we can say with 100% certainty that anon2499, anon7692, and anon 6273 are all the same IP address. This person hates vaughnlive SO MUCH that him and his entourage are willing to destroy the lives of anyone who uses the site.

  2. Angie2013

    Sad haters picking on a guy who just wants to be friends with people.
    Hiding behind Anon shows how brave they are.

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