Astro: Let Me Die

When you watch casters moaning because they haven’t got any cigarettes, or alcohol, then send them to this post.

For those of you who used Stickam back in the day, you may remember a guy called Astro. He literally lived in his mates shed, and his only food was what he could find, or kill himself.

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He lived off the land, no money, no home, no family, nothing. Yet not once did you ever hear him complain or whinge that he had it bad.

He now cast’s on Vaughn occasionally, when he can get to some internet access via local libraries or similar.

He was on yesterday, and explaining that he’s now living out in the woods, still having to hunt for most of his food. But it’s what he’s telling his friend that makes his story so sad.

Mr Beard dnr

Mr Beard dnr1

This isn’t some dude just looking for attention. This is a bloke who’s never had what we all take for granted, but is now giving up the fight to survive.

So next time that FoxmanShawn is in a mood because he’s got no beer, or JimmyRizzo is complaining about his pain in his legs, remind them just how fortunate they really are!

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One Thought to “Astro: Let Me Die”

  1. Angie2013

    I remember Astro, its a shame to see him feeling like this, hope thing get better soon.

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