The Vaughns Take Revenge On Rizzo (Updated)

4 Thoughts to “The Vaughns Take Revenge On Rizzo (Updated)”

  1. Angie2013

    oh dear, i dont think that will go down to well. sure they did this to another caster as well, took over there channel as the rumour was they flashed a certain part of body.

  2. Ryan

    That is what Rizzo was playing on his channel, that isn’t Mark taking over….I’m confused…Rizzo was intentionally trying to get banned and get in on the popular thing to do because he’s one of many sheep…

    1. Pikeman

      Just like what ryan said, Mr Jimny rizzo did it on purpose,he wanted to Vaughn to have a reason to ban him, and from the word i have heard of the cyber streets is that sexychris has also been banned on VL too for showing a dodgy movie- as far as i know there were No reasons to ban either of them before this happened.

      And just for any casters,their mods (or Ops!) who might just read this post and these comments-just think about this for a second,all those people have been recently banned on Vl have been done so for legitimate reasons, which are either being abusive to others (or drunk/under the influence), being racist or being homophobic.

      All those reasons, in my book anyway, are ones of a valid reason to get banned and rightly so too (especially the last two!)BUT If you want to be associated with these sort of people, the ones that YOU ALL have in the little friends list well at the end of the day it shows us all what circles you/or they like to be in…..

      just a footnote

      I would love to know who is leading the charge at being the sheepherder!

  3. Oh right i see. My mistake, i just saw it posted on Facebook yesterday morning and assumed he had been Warrrbucked lol.

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