Dixie Rides Again

This bloke must have more money than sense. How much did he pump into Ivlog, 10k was it?  Well now, it appears he’s back again with a new casting site.

Camup 1

Camup 2

Camup 3

Camup 4

Camup 5

My Verdict:

How many more cam sites are going to appear?

This site is a mix of Justcast. Stream.me and Ivlog. Although i like the nice clean skin, something that both Ivlog and Justcast lack.

The video should be clear, as they are using the JW Player. The chat is ok  and the name is ideal for the kind of site that it is.

Will it lose money? 100%

Will it last?  Depends how much cash the owners are prepared to lose.

Go and have a look, sign up is easy.


Thanks to the anon who emailed this in.

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  1. Baboultr

    Good Work Guys

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